Application of NdFeB magnetic material
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The magnetic parameters of high performance NdFeB magnet are mainly: 1. The intrinsic parameters, such as Curie temperature Tc, are mainly determined by the chemical composition and crystal structure of the material; 2 structure sensitive parameters, such as remanence Br maximum magnetic energy product Mmax and coercive force Hcj besides associated with intrinsic parameters, these parameters and material grain size of grain oriented crystal defect such as microstructure on ThOVJHj9QGGU64ufEaXuAA. PNG high performance ndfeb magnet stability include: stability time stability of thermal stability by the interference of outside magnetic field Due to the summary of low Curie temperature (312), therefore is very sensitive to temperature, the residual magnetism when heated Especially the intrinsic coercive force decreased rapidly, magnetic temperature coefficient is bigger Early magnet stability is poorer, normally only work under temperature less than 100, but after recent years of development, using temperature also has the obvious improvement High performance ndfeb magnet, the thermal stability of the main ways is alloying temperature stability is good permanent magnetic material, the work also can the higher ambient temperature At present, the highest working temperature of high performance products has more than 200, but its low thermal stability is still a key issue in the applications of ndfeb statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information If there are sources marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network with the author's ownership proof, we will correct the deletion in time, thank you email address